The DiamondGlow Facial Versus The HydraFacial: Which Is Better?

We recently began offering DiamondGlow™ facials at our practice — aka the Allergan-brand version of what is commonly referred to as a “hydra-facial.” Hydra-facials, or “dermal infusion” treatments, use a specialized wand to exfoliate and extract while also infusing the skin with targeted serums for your specific skin needs — all in one step.

This may lead some clients to wonder: Why does MedBeautyLA offer the DiamondGlow over a number of other popular dermal-infusion brands? DiamondGlow Facial Versus HydraFacial

The answer is threefold:

Firstly, the DiamondGlow currently yields the best clinical results of all dermal-infusion devices on the market. It’s also specifically designed to be used with SkinMedica serums, which is a highly-trusted, medical-grade skincare line known for its efficacy.

Secondly, the DiamondGlow device is specifically designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage, so every single DiamondGlow facial also doubles as a lymphatic massage. This means you’ll leave your session with a more contoured face as well as a more radiant complexion.

And finally, because DiamondGlow technology is brought to you by Allergan, you can earn significant Allé rewards points every time you get a DiamondGlow facial (as of right now, a single DiamondGlow Facial earns you $15).

Basically, the DiamondGlow dermal-infusion device was the best option in terms of both our clinical recommendation as a practice, and (bonus!) also in terms of our clients’ wallets.

Have more questions about what to expect when you get a DiamondGlow™ dermal-infusion facial? Check out our DiamondGlow™ info page. Or schedule an appointment or complimentary consult by giving us a call at 213-640-4008 or book online!