Upneeq® Brow-Lifting Drops

upneeq in downtown los angeles


Upneeq® is an incredibly safe, medical-grade eye drop that stimulates the muscles in the eye lid. This leads to the appearance of a lifted brow, wider eyes, and a more symmetrical eye shape. Results last for 8 hours, meaning it’s perfect for every day use or for special occasions when you want to feel your best. Better yet, you can easily purchase Upneeq® in downtown Los Angeles at our office!

Who Is A Good Candidate For Upneeq®?

Drooping lids are caused by both the natural aging process and genetics, meaning there is no “ideal” age to start using Upneeq®. Clients in their early 20s who were born with heavier or asymmetrical lids can greatly benefit from the drops, and almost any client over 40 will also notice a big difference.

Upneeq in downtown los angeles

How Can I Purchase Upneeq® in Downtown Los Angeles?

You can swing by our office any time during our open hours to purchase a box! One box contains a 45-day supply and retails at $240 ($220 when you purchase with a service). We often have samples on-hand so that you can try before you buy and see the Upneeq® difference — that’s how much we believe in this product!


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